Go Outside! Join us, this Thursday! Glasswing's Outdoor Gear Shop

by Alisa Furoyama | August 31, 2015

Pre-Fall is probably our favorite time of year in Washington for hikes, for camping and for being outside. This week we debut a new installation in-store that will feature gear and apparel to inspire life beyond walls and cities. Let's get together and talk about our favorite hikes and camp spots, enjoy a brew from New Belgium and check out the amazing gear from some of our favorite adventure-focused brands like Scout - Seattle (US), Teranishi (US), Wool Power (Sweden), Snow Peak (Japan), and Apolis (US).

This event will run for the next six weeks with newly added products and a variety of new installations to come! Bring a friend and we'll see you this week for the opening reception!


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Opening Reception, Thursday
September 3rd, 2015
@ Glasswing Shop

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Introducing "ONE SIX FIVE"

by Alisa Furoyama | August 20, 2015


We are so excited to be partnering with ONE SIX FIVE, a jewelry line out of Columbus, Ohio.  Their pieces are timeless, effortless and easy, things you'd want to wear daily.  Styles that are modern and forward without being fussy and overthought.  We love that everything is handmade with beautiful care and craft. Designer Kaleigh Shrigley and partner Claire Lowe are the duo behind each piece, every solder and cut. Here's a bit of their story as we asked Kaleigh some questions of their beginnings and what life is like in Columbus.  Our favorite pieces to check out from ONE SIX FIVE is the Monument Ear Jacket, Moon Earrings and Crest Ring. 



GW: Tell us a little bit about yourself! When were you first introduced to metalworking? Did you attend school to learn the trade; or were you self taught? What was your educational background/past work experiences in? 

KS: "I fell in love with metal working during my time at The Columbus College of Art & Design.  I was initially a graphic design major. I enrolled in an elective "Intro to Jewelry" class my sophomore year and changed my major to fine art a week later.  I immediately knew it was what I wanted to do."

"Claire and I met while I was in college.  We both worked at a local boutique. We became fast friends and she took an immediate interest in the jewelry business I was starting. I slowly began to teach her the trade and now she is a seasoned pro!" 



GW: I love the aspect of design because starting with a blank slate can lead your mind anywhere.  What was your first ONE SIX FIVE design?  How did it come to be and what was your inspiration for it?  What is currently your favorite piece in your collection and why?

KS: "I did a lot of experimenting when I was in school. I always had a very minimal approach to all of the artwork I produced in school so it was only natural that it would translate into my jewelry designs.  A few of those initial designs carried over into the first official collection. It's hard to say which exact design is first but I know the nicole, homeplate, token, and pretzel knot rings were very early designs.  In the beginning, I only made rings.  But when I officially launched one six five in Feb 2014 we added earrings, bracelets, and necklaces to the mix."

My favorite piece...it often changes. There are many pieces that I have a love hate relationship with like the eyelash ear crawler for example..One of my favorite designs, but the most difficult piece to solder!! I also tend to have favorite pairings. For instance, the Nicole ring nestles so perfectly in a sunrise ring.  That is a combination I wear every day. We are launching a stone collection on Aug 21st that I am so jazzed about! I always have so much excitement about releasing a new collection but this one feels extra special."



GW: What are your goals for the collection? Where do you see it going or what do you see it evolving into? We love your handmade ethos and is this something you feel passionate about maintaining? 


KS "The handmade aspect is very important to us, but so is affordability.  We love making pieces that the everyday gal can afford.  We feel there is often a gap between quality and affordable.  We try to bridge that gap as best we can by using gold-filled and sterling silver (materials that are high quality but not the high price tag of solid gold. One six five will ALWAYS be handmade.  After all...that's what got me into this was my love of working with my hands! I don't ever want to give that up."



GW: Tell us a little bit about what you like to do in your free time. What is Columbus, Ohio like? What are you passionate about beyond jewelry design?


KS "We absolutely love Columbus.  It is a very under rated city that is growing at such a rapid pace.  There is always a new bar, restaurant or store opening every week it seems! Claire and I are both big movie buffs, horror in particular. Claire and her husband are part of a horror movie club in fact!  We are also addicted to dining out even though we're trying to be better at that.  There are just so many amazing restaurants here in Columbus. I live in the Short North arts district which is very walkable. My boyfriend and I go on a walk almost every night to various shops, galleries and restaurants near by. There is also an amazing local band scene here.  We typically go out at least once a week to watch some local bands play."


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Local Leather Maker, Ferdinand's Trunk Show! Join us, this Saturday!

by Alisa Furoyama | August 06, 2015

Join us this weekend to view new work from our friends over at Ferdinand's! Their full summer collection will be installed at Glasswing and is full of the perfect form-meets-function leather essentials. We love the clean lines in their perfectly minimally designed totes to smaller accessories like lighter cases and key holsters. We're always amazed by the quality of leather and precise craftsmanship in each detail. These pieces will truly last a lifetime.

Come by on Saturday and join us for our Glasswing Happy Hour from 5-7p. Dane and Bonnie from Ferdinand's will be hanging out and we'll have a cooler full of ice cold ones from Hilliards! See you then!



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