Floating Sauna Event with goCstudio

by Forest Eckley | September 22, 2014

This Friday from 7-11pm Glasswing will host a public event with the Seattle-based architecture firm building a floating sauna on Lake Washington. We sat down with goCstudio founders Aimée O'Carroll and Jon Gentry to discuss their take on design, why they work in Seattle, and their plans for the floating sauna project.
We work on a range of projects from temporary installations to custom residential and commercial projects. We choose not to specialize in a single aspect of architecture but rather use our combined experience to purposefully engage various scales of design with the same attitude and purpose and delve into each project with the same intensity.
We chose to locate in Seattle because it's a city which actively engages all aspects of design. The surrounding beauty is a constant source of inspiration for our site specific projects that directly engage and respond to each unique landscape. The city also has a tight-knit design community that has been very supportive of our endeavors. Our passion for responsible architecture and design is echoed by our close friends and community.
For us the idea of a moveable sauna allows us to tap into any number of lakes both within Seattle and its surroundings. Designing a sauna that can be transported and that doesn't need a permanent mooring gives us the flexibility for the sauna to be launched in a number of locations. Our dream location would be for the sauna to be floating in a glacial lake, as an unexpected surprise for a weary hiker. 
The first sauna is designed to fit on a flat bed truck so that it can be easily transported. This means that the sauna can be parked on land rather than requiring a permanent mooring. The first floating sauna will be towed by boat to its daily location and anchored and the plan is to have visitors book out time slots and pick up a bundle of wood and kayak or canoe out to where it is anchored. 
We would love if this is the first of several floating saunas to inhabit the pacific northwest. We have had interest from all over the world and can see how it could be easily built and launched in various locations. There is plenty of opportunity to tighten up the drawings and fabrication to allow the project to be built locally in remote locations and then launched in some gorgeous lake we haven't even dreamed of yet. We see this Kickstarter fundraising for the first build as just the beginning for wa_sauna.


Join us at Glasswing on 9/26 from 7pm-11pm to learn more about the event or visit their kickstarter campaign here: Floating Sauna Kickstarter

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Introducing Objects Without Meaning

by Alisa Furoyama | July 23, 2014

We are very excited that we are now stocking beautiful pieces from LA based brand Objects Without Meaning.  Australian designer Alexandra Michelle collaborated with creative director Andrew Hogge on the collection; it is all about silhouettes and styles that are easy going but with amazing modern twists and details.  The cuts aren't fussy.  They're beautifully executed to be worn effortlessly. For their newest collection they collaborated with film maker and artist Mike Mills on designing this beautiful print modeled by his wife, the lovely Miranda July.

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Happy Birthday America!

by Glasswing Admin | July 03, 2014

We hope that everyone has their 4th of July plans lined up for tomorrow!  We will be spending the day sailing on Lake Union then hosting an all-night barbeque at home.  Glasswing will be closed on Friday and resume our normal hours on Saturday and Sunday.  Hope to see you in the shop this weekend.


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