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Sunday Sounds - Nicholas Jaar

by Alisa Furoyama | January 12, 2014

Each Sunday, we're pleased to offer up our current sound obsessions.  This week we'd like to feature Nicholas Jaar.  We know him from his album that came out a few years ago, "Space is Only Noise."  The album is a journey into woven strands of textures overlaid with this gritty downtempo.  His voice, calm and strong, guides you through each song.

Jaar lives in New York but was born and raised in Chile.  Darkside is his latest project collaborating with guitarist Dave Harrington and we simply cannot stop listening to it.  Each song in "Psychic" is multifaceted, bringing in sounds and elements that seem almost unnatural together but somehow the combination makes sense as a small link in a bigger chain.  It's dark, moody, sexy; we want to live in it.

Jaar also has an interesting set-up going on with his label called "Other People."  It started last summer and is subscription based, each Sunday Jaar presents a new collection of music available for download.  Currently they are on the 21st installment.

Darkside is currently on tour and if your city isn't sold out yet be sure to get your tickets. We will be at Neumos on the 22nd and hope to see you there Seattle.

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