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Hackwith Design House

by Alisa Furoyama | January 30, 2014

We just love Lisa Hackwith's approach to design.  She believes that your favorite piece of clothing doesn't have to be shared.  That your love and admiration of a style should be something that is uniquely you, something that is intimate and personal.  

Hackwith Design House produces small batch collections, one would almost say bespoke.  They create less than 25 of each piece with the intent that time and care, true craft is specially placed on each garment.  The Minneapolis based team keeps all of the production within their little studio space.  This paired down approach is so refreshing especially in an industry that is usually all about consumption and volume. 

This current season a new piece will be introduced each week of January and February, most sell out within days or hours even.  In March, two pieces will be introduced and offered up each week until the entire collection makes it way into their new homes across the country.  All of the styles we see Lisa design have such a sweetness to them.  It's as though each piece is an emotion, a movement or a thought that you'll want to revisit an have on hand for just the right moment.


All Photos From Hackwith Design.


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