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Go Outside! Join us, this Thursday! Glasswing's Outdoor Gear Shop

by Alisa Furoyama | August 31, 2015

Pre-Fall is probably our favorite time of year in Washington for hikes, for camping and for being outside. This week we debut a new installation in-store that will feature gear and apparel to inspire life beyond walls and cities. Let's get together and talk about our favorite hikes and camp spots, enjoy a brew from New Belgium and check out the amazing gear from some of our favorite adventure-focused brands like Scout - Seattle (US), Teranishi (US), Wool Power (Sweden), Snow Peak (Japan), and Apolis (US).

This event will run for the next six weeks with newly added products and a variety of new installations to come! Bring a friend and we'll see you this week for the opening reception!


Event RSVP
Opening Reception, Thursday
September 3rd, 2015
@ Glasswing Shop

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