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Andrew Geller, Architect

by Alisa Furoyama | July 27, 2011

Over fifty years ago, American architect Andrew Geller crafted these modern beach houses along the coast of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.  Their beautiful and clean designs played organically with the surrounding scape and have aesthetically stood the test of time.  We would love to have one of these as our own maybe in La Push or near the peninsula.

"It's one of the first lessons I ever was taught. The thing you produce ought to be compatible with what's there. It should live with it both in scale and some sort of human factor. The scale is human." - Geller

Reese House 1955

Pearlroth House 1958

Irwin Hunt House, 1958

Langman House 1958

Frank House, 1958

Lynn House, 1960

Levitas House, 1963

Schacter and Green Houses, 1967-8

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