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Confezioni Crosby SS12

by Alisa Furoyama | January 27, 2012

Fashion that sparks action is always inspiring.  I love it when your outfit will motivate you to be adventurous, courageous or witty.  The Confezioni Crosby collection is a modern feminine take on traditional tailored work wear.  The outfitting is spot-on; form meets function. Even in the middle of winter, these looks are motivating me to start planning some sunny summer adventures!

"We have played with the masculine lines of traditional work wear to create easy and feminine garmets that will adapt to work, play and all that life can throw at us.  Canvas operator jackets and pants go with printed dresses and textured tops that recall the uniforms and aprons of women workers.  Colors and shapes from our work and uniform roots are re-imagined for a contemporary and feminine sensibility."

I also love the etymology of their name.  Confezioni is an old-fashioned Italian word for tailor made and Crosby is the street in New York where the designers live and work.


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