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Schoolhouse Electric Co.

by Alisa Furoyama | March 09, 2012

A friend of ours filled us in about an inspirational company down in our sister city Portland. Not only do they have beautiful products but it's their company culture that really resonates with me. The video from company founder Brian Faherty illustrates within minutes their truly genuine approach to product development and the craft and care that goes into each production detail, micro-manufacturing as Brian calls it. I admire the steps they've taken to keep their processes small and simple. To see a company operate so successfully with a collective nature really hits close to home. We are very big admirers of Schoolhouse Electric and can't wait to visit them soon.

Here's just a few of our favorite products:

Light with cage 89. / Beaker lab light  249. / Beckman Sofa Slip Cover 1275. / 1960 IBM Standard Issue Clock 235. / Atoma Notebook 14. / Tradesman Bag 168. If you have a chance, visit their "Shop by Room" section on their site.  We want to live in these photos!


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