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The City of Angels

by Alisa Furoyama | May 09, 2012

 We spent last weekend in Los Angeles; it was sun-drenched and beautifully nostalgic.  I've always enjoyed seeing midcentury buildings and homes sprinkled throughout the city.  In preparation for our June pop-up shop we decided we were in need of some relaxation but more importantly some sunny inspiration.

We were so pleasantly surprised with the amount of amazing shops and thought we'd share some of our top picks.  Before heading down, we polled friends for their favorites.  (Special thank you to Jessica Comingore for her suggestions! We are big fans of her design work and blog!)

Broom St. General Store: We walked in on fried chicken day!  This is such an amazing shop with beautiful products cleanly merchandised.  The atmosphere was so welcoming as people came in and out to grab an iced coffee, eat some delicious treats or pick up a set of new drinking glasses.  I absolutely loved their natural household cleaners and that they offered a refill station, one less plastic bottle in a landfill.  ◊ Nearby shops that we visited: OK, Yolk, Lawson + Fenning

Apolis: My dream come true for a men's shop. Although they carry only a few products, each one is versatile, handsome, and well crafted.  ◊  Nearby shops that we visited: Handsome Coffee Roasters, Matteo

Heath Ceramics: Oh how I have dreams of this place and their amazing home goods.  Right now they are showcasing various artists from Marfa, TX and selling some of their products!  There were these great juice glasses that were made from vintage pop bottles!  ◊ Nearby shops that we visited: Standard Goods, Iko Iko, Inheritence

Mohawk General Store: I might stretch to say that of all of the shops I visited, the product choice in Mohawk was so spot on.  They carried so many of my women's favorite labels, Wood Wood, Something Else, APC...not to mention that their line leather sandals are breathtaking!  ◊ Nearby shops that we visited: Intelligentsia Coffee, ReForm School, New High (M)art, Confederacy

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