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Winter Style Points

by forest eckley | November 26, 2012

Every Monday I skim through the style blogs and pinterest boards that I am following. I love how the images from different times and cultures come all at once ... modern street style in London, Scandinavian fisherman and ball players stepping off the team bus file on to the screen one after the other.  Over the weekend, I sketched a few of the men's style points that recently caught my attention. You more than likely already have these items in your closet or can find them at a thrift shop, but if you are looking for something fresh I've added links to to a modern equivalent. 



Style point: heavy knit cardigan under a blazer  Find it here



Style point: dressing down a blazer with a button down collar  Find it here


Style point: narrow, tightly wrapped scarf   Find it here

Style point: high collar jacket  Find it here

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