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Odesza - "Summer's Gone"

by Alisa Furoyama | February 23, 2013


It happens every once and a while that obsession hits hard.  I'll find a recipe I love and cook it five days in a row, or I'll watch the same movie a couple times in a week and each time I find myself appreciating something different about it.  With music, there's something about the arrangement of songs on a album or the visual accompaniment my mind is able to create from it, that I can keep it on repeat.  Odesza's album, "Summer's Gone" has become my newest crush.  Harrison Mills (Catacombkid) and Clayton Knight (BeachesBeaches) released their first LP together as Odesza in September of last year.  Still available for free download here. If you're in Seattle, they play Neumos on March 9 along with Emancipator and Little People.

You both live in Seattle? How did you two decide to start making music together? 

We met in college at Western Washington University through mutual friends. We had planned on working on stuff together for a long time but nothing panned out. One day I was over at his place and it kind of happened of organically. After the jam session we decided making an album together would be a really fun project.


If you could choose one place to vacation together, where would you choose to go?

We both really want to go to Europe but have a fondness for tropical places so somewhere sunny or European. We're fairly untraveled people and hope we can use touring as an excuse to see some sights.


I can't decide which question would be better: 1. What albums or artists are in your current rotation? 2. What were some of your favorite albums of 2012?

After we released Summer's Gone we heard a lot about this Flume guy and decided to check him out. His debut LP was fantastic. Perfect blend of electronic, pop, experimental and hip hop. Which is something I think we try to blend together with ODESZA as well. We also really loved the new Tame Impala album.


For someone who's never heard your album, "Summer's Gone" how would you describe it to them?  

This is tough because we still fumble over our words a bit when trying to explain our sound. I guess the best way I could describe it is experimental pop with ambient and hip hop influence.


I love your tracks for many reasons, one of those being their dreamlike quality.  Listening to them becomes a very visual process.  Are there any plans in the near future for music videos?  Any specific ideas you're excited to explore?

Thank you. We have a few friends that are working on some music video ideas but nothing set in stone. We both are big fans of visuals that accompany music so hopefully we can experiment in that realm soon.


Could you finish this thought.... "The one thing I couldn't possibly live without is........"

It's a bit cliche but 'Creating things.'
Thanks Odesza for the quick Q&A. 
Photography by Marybeth Coghill
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