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Northwest Axe Company

by Forest Eckley | March 13, 2013

Anyone can go to the Home Depot and buy a hammer or an axe, and most of us do, but how satisfied are we with that purchase? What other options do we have? The majority of our tool manufacturing has been outsourced to large production plants that are far away from the artists and craftsmen that originally made these instruments. Andy Gregory of Northwest Axe Company noticed this and began bringing vintage striking tools back to life and pairing them with beautiful, new leather sheaths. His recently launched online shop offers one of a kind axes, hatchets and hammers for regular use. 


 Indian Chief Fire Axe $175


Black Tru Test Axe $150


Stanley Axe $150


Norland Hatchet (sold)

Plumb Cruiser Axe $150


Northwest Axe Company Website

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