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&c. Treasures

by Alisa Furoyama | July 24, 2013

Our friend Meghann Sommer is the gem behind &c.  Her jewelry has such amazing composition and craft.  The balance is always just right. We are amazed by her ability to source such amazing found treasures.  Those paired with the natural elements she uses create almost a sort of narrative.  Each piece is able to have a different story to it; no two are exactly the same.  However, throughout her collections there is a continual aspect of her personality that really shines through.  Meghann is so laid-back, natural and effortless and that's our favorite quality in her work.  Her necklaces aren't fussy or overcomplicated.  They are beautiful because she let's the materials speak for themselves.  

She recently updated her blog with some of her latest creations and we wanted to share our favorites.  

Email Meghann directly to speak of acquiring treasures. You can also find &c. at local Seattle shops like Cairo, Prism and the Frye Museum Gallery Store.


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