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Welcome to Arcadia by Samantha Pleet

by Alisa Furoyama | September 14, 2013

We have had a long-standing crush on Samantha Pleet.  Her Spring Summer 14 collection titled "Arcadia" and featured in this film short are some of our favorite cuts and patterns yet.  We continue to appreciate her strong sense of personality in her collections.  There's something so new and refreshing each season however it is always distinctly and uniquely Samantha Pleet. 

One of the most exciting collaborations that we've seen has been between Samantha Pleet and Wolverine shoes.  1000 Mile shoes combines Wolverine's history, over 130 years of making work-wear boots, and Samantha's clean modern design and color palate.  Living in a city where the weather is slightly unpredictable you definitely want to have shoes that will accommodate sun, rain or snow.  Our favorite are her Arc and Bonny boots, the wear any season with any outfit shoes!

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