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"Interiors" by Glasser

by Alisa Furoyama | November 01, 2013

It feels as though there's an abundance of really amazing new music that has been coming out so far this year.  One of our favorite new releases is from Glasser.  Her album titled "Interiors" has been playing on repeat in our office.  There's so much emotion and a real sense of exploration in each of the songs.  Not to mention that when you look closely at Cameron Mesirow's lyrics it is the most beautifully written poetry.  If you're in Seattle, don't miss her show tomorrow, Saturday at the Fred Wildlife Refuge.  Get tickets here.

I live on my beach.
water surrounding me.
And it's got too deep;
I let it get too deep.

My home has no shape;
nothing to sustain me,
but it keep me safe
from imagined pain.

In the dim light of the truth all you can do is bow.

The walls often change.
I'm new in this place, me.
But I know I'll stay,
Can't ever get away.

When the crossing gets too wide
then I go home
to the fluctuation
I have on my own.

And I look out longingly
over the beach.
There's an ocean making life
beyond my reach,
and the vastness is
too much for me to stand.

And by the light of the truth all I can do is bow.


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