"Living Vessels" Kokedama Workshop with Botanist Betina Simmons Blaine, January 29th

$80 [sold out]

Kokedama is a style of Japanese Bonsai, where a plant's root system is wrapped in moss and bound with string, transforming it into a living sculpture.  Loosely translated, 'koke' means moss and 'dama' means ball.  

We will be offering two workshops with local Botanist Betina Simmons Blaine.  Betina has worked in landscaping, taught gardening and specializes in Kokedama and plant based workshops all over the Pacific Northwest.

Betina will lead you in the creation of 3 Kokedama balls:

  • 1 traditional mud based ball with ferns
  • 2 cactus soil & sphagnum based balls with succulents


Enjoy learning the history of Kokedama, refreshments and 10% off day of in-store purchases! 

Event date: January 29 at Noon and 3 p.m.


Note: This workshop is officially sold out. To participate in the next Kokedama workshop use this link for the Sunday, February 5th session.

Sold Out

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