"Vertical Garden" Staghorn Mounting Workshop with Botanist Betina Simmons Blaine


Staghorn Ferns, named for their long antler-like fronds, are Epiphytic plants that grow without dirt, attached to another plant or cliff.  In this workshop, you will be taught the methods to mount these dramatic ferns onto beautiful cork wood, to mimic their natural tendencies.  The end result - living wall art that can stand alone or be added to your gallery.

Join us Mother's Day weekend with Betina Simmons Blaine to learn a new skill and create a unique, living piece of art to keep or gift!  Betina has worked in landscaping, taught gardening and specializes in Kokedama and plant based workshops all over the Pacific Northwest.

Betina will lead you in the creation of 1 Mounted Staghorn.  All supplies included.


Enjoy learning the history of Staghorn Fern Mounting, refreshments and 10% off day-of purchase

Event date: Saturday, May 13th at 12p

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