Jerry Cohen

by Sean Frazier | November 16, 2014

Here in Seattle, we are very privileged to be within arms reach of quite a few notable and established American clothing manufacturers that have been producing quality made goods for decades. Filson is perhaps the most obvious example. A brand of their ilk is better described as an institution, over a century old and the epitome of an american heritage label. And then there's Ebbets Field Flannels which is very much an American heritage label as well but in a slightly different way. Since 1988 Ebbets has been become known the world over for their authentic reproductions of handcrafted vintage athletic apparel from the early to mid 20th century. Their strong commitment to authenticity extends from its founder, Jerry Cohen who is truly a historian at heart. The shear volume of research that goes into producing each one of their jerseys, ball caps, and jackets is incredibly vast and had never been collected or used in this way prior to Cohen starting the label. In preparation for a recent pop-in shop we launched with Ebbets Field Flannels here at Glasswing we were invited into the Ebbets offices and production space to hear, first-hand from Jerry, the history of the brand. We knew an opportunity like this would be far too good not to capture on film. 

Cinematographer: Bryan Anton 


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