Ty Ziskis

by forest eckley | January 08, 2013

We first met Ty in Ballard three or four years ago and whether it's been music, fashion, or art, he's always working on something great. We caught up with him recently at This Natural World, the current gallery show at O B J E C T, where he is selling an imported selection of French, Japanese, and Indian workwear from the acclaimed De Rien fashion team of East London.   

Photographs by Mr. Forest Eckley




"My day typically starts by hitting the snooze button 3 times, dogs, coffee, smoke, email, force myself off email. I lived in Ballard since moving to Seattle, always loved the vibes ... pretty mellow. I spend most of my nights out around town seeing music or singing at GGNZLA karaoke ... but I love the feeling of 'home base' being semi-secluded."




"I met Cosmo (from De Rien) in London at the flea market, while wandering around the city with my lovely. I was drooling over his collection and he recognized me from an art show CMRTYZ curated and he invited us  to his place to see the rest of his collection... the tour of their live/work/showroom warehouse space was magical,  I couldn't stop thinking about it.  We've stayed in contact since. Years later, finally I have a chance to represent selections from their vintage archive as well as their new collection starting with FW13.  The whole thing has been a serendipitous experience and I'm excited to share it." 






"My favorite piece right now is a 1930's Japanese military mack.  It's a long waxed cotton trench with gorgeous original buttons.  There's only one pocket on the whole jacket and it's perfect located. I'm lucky though because I get to play with ALL the stuff... until someone buys it."
"We are selling at OBJECT through the 17th of January, then we will be at the Fremont Market on Sundays. I'm sure we will be hanging out in friends shops from time to time as well... follow on Tumblr to get the updates.... I cant wait to share this stuff with everyone!" 



"After the show at OBJECT, my good friend/CMRTYZ partner Carlos Ruiz has an art show at Land Management in March.  We're still arguing about how to approach the installation but it's going to revolve around the release of Part 2 of the Fungi GIrls comic series. Also an extended summer 'work' trip to London seems to be taking shape... "





de rien USA



Land Management


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