Cactus Shop
March 20 - 27

Words: Alisa Furoyama

To celebrate the start of spring, we are setting up a Cactus shop at the Greenhouse! From March 20 - 27, we are offering 20% off all Cacti & Succulents with select varieties priced up to 50% off. 

On Saturday, March 23, we are partnering together with the Cascade Cactus and Succulent Society of WA. They will discuss how to best care for succulents in the home. Whether you are a novice or are looking to expand your knowledge of your existing collection, Succulents 101 will give you the know-how for improving the life of your plants. Get your tickets here.

Environmental factors, plant identification, and general care techniques will be discussed. The lecture will also include a Q&A section so be sure to bring any plant questions as well as photos you want to be identified.

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