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Cobra Rock Boot Company
Marfa, TX

by Alisa Furoyama | September 09, 2013

When you walk into Cobra Rock Boot Company the first thing you'll notice is a well-loved workspace.  Owners Logan Caldbeck and Colt Miller have lined the wall of their space with a variety of interesting machines.  There's pieces of scrap leather laying about, some hardware and tools on the counter top.  This isn't a showroom it's a craftsman's studio.  We had the pleasure of meeting Colt in the space and asked him about their machines, where there leather comes from, how their boots are made, how they learned to make boots...questions I'm sure he's continually asked but still graciously replies.  Their space is very humbling and there's such an honestly to their set-up that you can also transparently see in their product.  They currently offer one style, the South Highland unisex boot.  It's beautiful, handmade and handsome. 

Cobra Rock Boot Company
107 South Dean Street Marfa, Texas 79843

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