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El Cosmico
Marfa, TX

by Alisa Furoyama | September 07, 2013

We fell in love with this place.  El Cosmico brings back that excitement you felt when you were a kid.  The feeling that made you want to run instead of walk for no apparent reason.  They have a couple different shelter options: teepees, renovated vintage airstreams, safari tents and campsites.  They're located outside of downtown Marfa, close enough to walk into town and just on the edge enough to feel as though you're in the middle of nowhere.  There's an abundance of hammocks set up, angled so you can catch some tree shade.  If you're planning on tent-camping they have a shared outdoor kitchen area as well as a bathhouse, overgrown vines tangle down around bath tubs and showers.  There's this great idea of community at the El Cosmico that makes you want to drink a beer with your neighbors.  And at night, the sky fills up so quickly...the stars and galaxies take over and all you need to do is lay back and enjoy it.

El Cosmico
(877) 822-1950
802 S. Highland Avenue Marfa, Texas 79843

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