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Tent Rocks National Monument
Jemez Springs, New Mexico

by Alisa Furoyama | October 25, 2013

Just outside of Santa Fe is the Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument is about 40 miles to the southwest.  Kasha-Katuwe, translated to "White Cliff" in Keresan, and only begins to describe the natural beauty of the place.  The foundation of the terrain was created from volcanic explosion over 6 million years ago.  Over time, erosion and weathering of the layers, these amazing rock formations were created, resembling tent structures. 

As you walk through the slot canyon, you notice the layers of rock gradient and you can easily see where rocks have shifted, moved and slid on top of other formations.  It's like looking at a brief history of time; we couldn't translate it all exactly but stood in awe of the shape, color and beauty of the place. 

The hike is pretty mild and well kept.  We were able to explore little nooks and crannies while in the canyon and then you climb out onto a lookout point.  To look back down into the valley of shapes strewn about is pretty magical. The entire hike in and out is about 3 miles.  We were lucky to have a slightly overcast day but be sure to bring appropriate clothing for the weather.  It can get very hot or windy in the canyon. 

Tent Rocks National Monument
Jemez Springs, NM

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