Feit Hand Sewn Low Latex Light Natural, Women's

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A classic court sneaker stripped-down to the bare essentials and re-stitched by hand from a single piece of leather. Raw, unlined edges highlight the simplicity of natural materials, while exposed stitching recalls the human craftsmanship behind each pair. Natural latex outsoles provide comfort and flexibility.


The leather is tanned slowly, nourished with natural oils, and shaved. The use of this highly luxurious and elevated skin allows the foot to breathe and, because it is much softer, does not require breaking in.


All FEIT shoes are made from start to finish by one master craftsman. The one-piece upper is sewn by hand directly to the midsole. A cork footbed and a bamboo shank stabilizer are added, then the leather outsole is cemented to the midsole using a natural, water-based glue. Goodyear construction ensures all FEIT shoes can be resoled.


Each pair of FEIT shoes comes with an extra set of cork and buffalo leather insoles to assist with in-between sizing. The additional leather insole can be used alone, or the cork can be inserted underneath the leather for extra padding. If you are between sizes, you can either size up and use the included insoles, or size down and use no additional insoles.


Handmade in China
Semi-cordovan Leather

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