Asplenium, "Birds Nest Fern"

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The leaves of a Birds Nest Fern emerge from a central crown and resemble small birds eggs, thus giving it its name. This plant is native to rainforests in Asia, Africa, and Australia and loves a humid environment. Common varieties include nidus, antiquum, etc.


LIGHT Bright, indirect light or direct morning sun is best.

WATER Keep lightly moist (not soggy) at all times. Avoid getting water in the crown, otherwise the plant may rot or develop fungal diseases. High humidity is a must. Entire leaves may turn yellow or leaf tips may turn brown if humidity is too low.

FERTILIZER Once per month during the active growing season, give a well-balanced plant food.

TEMPERATURE 65-85 degrees is ideal. Leaves may be damaged if in direct contact with heating or cooling sources.


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