*Virtual* Houseplants 101 Class


11am - 12pm on Sunday, September 12th


Learn the do's and don'ts of indoor plants.

Our plant director, Tassy de Give, will discuss how to choose the right plant for your indoor environment and troubleshoot potential plant problems. Whether you are a first-time plant owner or are looking to expand your knowledge of your existing collection, this Virtual Houseplants 101 class will give you the know-how for improving the life of your indoor plants.

Environmental factors, plant identification, and general care techniques will be discussed. The virtual lecture will also include an in-depth Q&A section so be sure to bring any plant questions as well as any plants you would like to be identified.


This is a virtual lecture style course. We will email the details for joining the class 1-2 days before the class session. Classes have an 8-person minimum.