Wallisia cyanea, "Pink Quill Bromeliad"

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Almost all bromeliads are native to tropical climates. Their original habitat is humid and they grow on shady forest floors or attached to trees. This means bromeliads are adapted for warm, wet, shady climates. If you live in an area that will not freeze, you can safely plant your bromeliad outside. However, make sure you have a space that will not expose your bromeliad to large amounts of direct sunlight.  A bromeliad can experience leaf burn if exposed to too much direct light.


LIGHT Bright, indirect light or some direct morning sun.

WATER Allow the top 25% of soil to dry out before watering. Be sure to mist when your plant’s leaves are dry, but before they are exposed to any direct sun.

FLOWERING Most bromeliads flower only once in their lifetime. The brightly colored leaves that are often mistaken for flowers are actually called bracts, a leaf-like structure from which an inflorescence may grow. 

TOXICITY This plant is not toxic.

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