Cork Mounting Kit


In this kit you will be given the materials to mount plants onto beautiful cork wood to mimic their natural tendencies. The end result - living art that can stand alone or be added to your gallery.


This kit includes supplies for making two mounted constructions:

- Cork: 2 pieces approximately 8" x 4"

- Spaghnum Moss, Sheet Moss

- Wrapping Supplies: Wire

- Plants: An assortment of 2" and 4" foliage

- Care & Potting Instructions


Included plants are subject to change based on our current on-hand availability. Feel free to leave a note during checkout if you would prefer a specific type of plant in your kit. In some cases, an up-charge may be necessary. 


Class terrarium kits are available for local Seattle delivery or curbside pick-up at Glasswing located at 1525 Melrose Ave. (Between Pike and Pine) Please email us if you require shipping for your kit.