Cuniform Wardrobe Audit



Cuniform's foundation service.  They built this system to help understand individual client needs, lifestyles, and their personal point of view, to cultivate highly functional wardrobes that make sense stylistically and financially.


This comprehensive appointment consists of the following format. It is recommended to set aside approximately 5-hours from start to finish. 

  1. Edit - The goal of this process is to intentionally organize and review styles already existing within your wardrobe. 
  2. Gap List - After organizing, what are the items and styles that are missing from your wardrobe that would make daily outfitting easier and more seamless. This personalized list will speak to any needs from aspirational outfitting to daily office attire.
  3. Wardrobe Rolodex - Within your wardrobe, learn how to create a variety of looks and ways to wear a style with an easy visual reference. These tips and tricks for subtle ways to style a garment can be accessed when getting dressed to simplify the process.
  4. Resell - After reviewing together, if chosen all edited pieces will disappear, to be resold if possible, from which you’ll receive funds back or to be reinvested in future garments or put towards the Gap list.


This service works incredibly well for busy clients who have a lot to juggle and are looking to streamline their wardrobe. Additionally, this service is perfect for clients who want to build their ideal wardrobe while elevating their own style or having a trusted second (and third!) opinion.


Pricing works on a sliding scale. ($200-600) Please leave us your information with the form below. Christine and Colton will be in touch within one business day to schedule an appointment. Appointments are limited to the greater Seattle area at this time. For interested clients in New York, Portland, Austin or San Francisco please email us directly.

  • Cuniform Wardrobe Audit
  • Cuniform Wardrobe Audit
  • Cuniform Wardrobe Audit
  • Cuniform Wardrobe Audit

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