Daughter of the Land Face and Body Oil


Oils are one of the most effective ways to nourish and moisturize skin. Each of these oils from Daughter of the Land is specially formulated to with varying weights, scents and healing properties. To use, a little goes a long way so just a few drops on the face after cleansing or spot all over as a body moisturizer.

: Scent + Feeling: floral, dewy forest, herbal, uplifting, soothing. This is the lightest formula of the three. Organic grapeseed and jojoba oil make up the foundation with notes of organic lavender, cedarwood, and clary sage leaving the skin lightly moisturized and cleansed. Organic grapeseed and jojoba oil are closest to the skins sebum, helping balance oily skin. The essential oils chosen are all known for their antibacterial properties.

: This oil is great for combination skin types. Bergamot and Spice, is a delicate symphony atop organic apricot kernel oil and fair trade, organic coconut oil. Making for a light, quick absorbing all around body + face oil. The Italian bergamot oil and warming cinnamon bark have been carefully incorporated for balancing the skin and stimulating the senses. Scent + Feeling: bergamot, ginger, citrus, warmth, familiar, grounding, comfort.

: The perfect antidote for a cold day or when skin is feeling ultra dry. Sage and Grass are an invigorating moisture rescue pairing with base oils, fair trade organic avocado and coconut oil. Notes of organic clary sage and fair trade organic mint oil leave the skin feeling refreshed and invigorated to the senses. Scent + Feeling: fresh cut grass, earthy, clean, lively, herbal, refreshing

Made in the USA
3 scents available
Vegan, 100% Organic

  • Daughter of the Land Face and Body Oil
  • Daughter of the Land Face and Body Oil
  • Daughter of the Land Face and Body Oil
  • Daughter of the Land Face and Body Oil

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