*Preorder* Filigree Floral Arrangement

$100 [sold out]

A blushing composition of spring blooms, tiny buds, and delicate foliage inspired by a walk though a lush Spring garden after a sun-kissed morning. This tonal floral arrangement has an organic design that celebrates its feminine form and makes for a thoughtful gift.


Centerpieces are available for in-store pickup beginning Saturday, May 7th through Sunday, May 8th. Local delivery is available on Sunday, May 8th to the Seattle area only.


Arrangement includes a simple ceramic vase, please email us if you have any questions or custom requests. We will do our best to accommodate.


Each of our arrangements is a unique and handmade expression. As flowers and plant material are a product of nature, their availability is subject to change depending on variables like climate and seasonality. We may make substitutions within the same design palette. 


Pictured heretulips, spirea, scabious, anemone, carnations, apple blossoms