Harlow Bohemian Body Butter


Bohemian is warm with a overtone of citrus. Notes of vanilla and grapefruit play perfectly together in this silky moisturizing whipped balm. A little goes a long way in application and the scent blissfully lingers throughout your day.

Do not store in direct sunlight. If your Harlow product melts, place in refrigerator until solid. If your product returns to solid at room temperature crystallizing may occur, this only affects texture not performance of product. Please re use or recycle your jars.

: 100% crude Shea butter(Ghana), organic/cold pressed coconut oil, avocado oil, organic/natural Canadian beeswax, mango butter, aloe butter, grapefruit fragrant oil, vanilla fragrant oil, grapefruit and lemon essential oils

213 g, 7.5 oz
Made in Vancouver

  • Harlow Bohemian Body Butter
  • Harlow Bohemian Body Butter
  • Harlow Bohemian Body Butter

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