Large Specimen Plant Sale

$80 to $1,200

For a limited time, please enjoy special prices for some of our favorite large specimen plants. Plants are sold in their plastic grower's pot. If you'd like to pair it with a decorative pot, please let us know! We'd be happy to make some suggestions for you. Pre-sale. Lead time can be anywhere from 2-4 weeks. 


Bird of Paradise (10") 3-4'h, (14") 5-6'h, (17") 8-10'h 
Dracaena Marginata (10") 5'h, (12") 6'h, (14") 6-8'h 
Ficus Lyrata Tree (10") 3-4'h, (12") 5-6'h, (14") 6-7'h, (17") 8-10'h
Kentia Palm (10") 4-5'h, (12") 5-6'h, (14") 6-7'h, (21") 8-10'h
Peace Lily (10") 2'h, (14") 4'h
Philodendron Congos (10") 2'h, (14") 4'h
Schefflera Amate (14") 5-6'h, (17") 10'h
Snake Plant (14") 3'h, (17") 4'h
ZZ Plant (10") 1-2'h, (14") 2-3'h


Any questions, please email us!

For local curbside pick up only!