Nephrolepis exaltata, "Boston Fern"

$25 to $60

Boston Ferns, when they are larger in size, can really make a strong visual impact and they are generally easier to care for compared to other more delicate ferns. The graceful green fronds that typically fluffy and full and work well in a hanging or placed on a shelf where the leaves can drape and cascade downwards.


LIGHTBright indirect light, or direct morning sun

WATER: During the growing season, keep soil moist, but never soggy. Like all ferns, the Boston Fern loves high humidity so try to keep it away from open windows or drafty areas. Cut back on watering a bit over the winter.

FERTILIZER: 1/2 strength once per month during the active growing season.

TEMPERATURE: 65-75 degrees F

NOTES: Top rated air purifying plant


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