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Deborah Roberts and Faris Du Graf opened Rizom in the Fall of 2016.  Established designers in their own rights, the shop is an extension of their combined aesthetics and vision.  In its seventh season, Deborah's clothing collection Silvae is a perfect pairing with Faris's modern namesake jewelry collection. Originally the studio of photographer Charlie Shuck, their space in Belltown is a large, white canvas.  It's the perfect backdrop for two creatives with an eye for uncluttered detail, curated with the care and attention you would expect of an art gallery.  On a surface most retailers would fill edge-to-edge with product, in this space, there simply lies three small clutches with one-of-a-kind vases and statues.  The impact - you immediately slow down and observe the detail of each piece as you would perusing a museum exhibit.  However, this is far from a "look, don't touch" experience. The beauty of their shop is the direct engagement of designer to customer. Deborah and Faris exude warmth and charm as they sweep you in to touch, try and experience everything.  

Nordstrom Creative Director, Strath Shepard exhibits his collection of strange and beautiful books in the upstairs lofted space that comprises Pacific Standard Books. It feels like stepping into someone's personal design office - there's a wall filled with inspiration tears from magazines, shelves full of books, quarterlies and zines.  Rizom pulls you in to explore every corner; to see, touch and try all there is to offer. 2017 will bring in sought after designers Mr. Larkin, Maryam Nassir Zadeh and Ashley Rowe. Events and trunk shows will continue to be a focus, while a Rizom capsule collection is in the works.

Photography by AJ Ragasa






2316 2nd Ave

Seattle, Wa 98121


 Pacific Standard Books