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Holiday Maker's Market

Dec 7 - 8

Words: Alisa Furoyama

Location: Glasswing Shop


This weekend is our 5th Annual Holiday Maker's Market! It's such a great opportunity to interact directly with makers and designers, to learn more about their process & story, and to support local. Join us in-store to meet: Heidi Brit Anderson (ceramics), and Natasha Alphonse (ceramics). Come by and pick up a few thoughtful gifts this holiday season!



Natasha Alphonse Ceramics

Natasha is from the Northern tip of Saskatchewan, on a small reservation called Black Lake First Nations. Being apart of the Denesuline tribe allowed her to have and maintain a deep connection and appreciation of the land and nature. She began to make things with clay unexpectedly, and inevitably it seems. She values how clay is a great teacher in patience, quietness, letting go and the fact that there is always so much more to learn.


Heidi Brit Anderson

Heidi makes ceramic pottery vases, planters, and sculptures inspired by folk art and pottery. Her approach to her ceramic craft is informed by her back ground in painting – she creates designs with a inlay method called agateware or Nerikomi that combines different colors of clay. Her art comes from an appreciation of forms found in nature, geometric shapes, and the hand hewn in methods of craft. She is inspired by the many possibilities that working with clay offers and the endless ways it guides her imagination.