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Designer Meet & Greet
Monday, September 25 from 4 - 6 pm


For the past few seasons, Glasswing has been debuting new pieces from the Australian clothing collection MAN-TLE and designers, Larz Harry and Aida Kim will be joining them in-store for an event on Monday, September 25. Opening reception is from 4 - 6 pm at Glasswing with the official afterparty hosted next door in the Melrose Market at Cafe Suliman from 6 - 10 pm.

The MAN-TLE collection is meticulously designed in Australia and their products are crafted in Japan. In creating each collection, founders Larz and Aida, spend as much time developing their fabrics and building relationships with the people behind the cloth as they do on their designs. The result is a small group of highly sought-after garments that are intended to evolve slowly and naturally over time, created to age well with frequent use.

Taking inspiration from the land and their surroundings, the backdrop of Australia’s rugged and extreme landscape can be seen influencing their work. Their name itself represents the ethos of the collection. The mantle layer of the earth is an insulating layer of high-density rock, speaking to the functionality and durability behind their garments and the phonetic adaptation of ‘Man + Tool’ is another interesting reference for utility and the evolution of their design through each run.

RSVP for the MAN-TLE event
and join them in-store for a
chance to win $500 Glasswing
Gift Card.

Winner must be present to win.
Check-in upon arrival for your name to be added to the raffle.