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For the last five years, Sabah shoes have been making their journey from the hands of craftsmen in southeast Turkey, to the traveling Sabah dealers bringing their story all across the states. Their upcoming road trip will take them to the Pacific Northwest, stopping at San Francisco, Portland and finally to Seattle. Glasswing Shop will host the Sabah team for a weekend pop-in shop from the 21st through the 23rd of September.


Every pair of Sabahs is handmade of high quality leather by fifth generation shoemakers. The Sabah shoe design keeps alive the dying craft of hand-stitched shoe construction. Inside each pair are the initials of the specific craftsman and stitcher as a personal finishing touch.


The Sabah workshop has been owned and operated by the same family of shoemakers since 1887, dating back five generations. Sabah owner, Mickey Ashmore modernized the design of the original Turkish slipper but all of the centuries of craft and construction remain the same.


The traveling Sabah dealers have outposts in unique, intimate settings throughout the world in addition to their seasonal road trips with the emphasis on hospitality and building relationships with their customers. Often titling their event the “Sabah Social,” building a little community one pair at a time. Join us for complimentary wine, oysters and fun times on Friday, September 21 from 5-8p.