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Kyle Johnson's photographs from his recent trip to Mongolia tell a story of the unique experience presented around conservation efforts to protect the Mongolian Taimen, one of the world’s largest fish species in the Salmonid & Trout family.

These unique slow growing fish have historically reached over 200 pounds and can live over 50 years. Once spanning over much more of the world, they are now only known to inhabit a few areas in the remote beautiful regions of Russia and Mongolia.



The leading force currently working to save the Taimen is an unlikely ally: Sport catch-and-release fly fishermen. Kyle Johnson, photographer and avid fishermen, documented the recent conservation efforts that began with a partnership between fly-fishing outfitters in the US and the local Mongolian communities.


“My goal in this project was to spend quality time documenting this fascinating dynamic between fisherman and the environment by giving a well rounded photographic look at the entire story.” –KJ 


Opening reception with photographer Kyle Johnson will take place at Glasswing this Friday, December 1st. Join us for the first look at his documentation of the Mongolian Taimen and the community built up around its protection. Artist Q&A will take place at 8:30p and light refreshments will be provided. Photographs will be available for purchase and the show will be up until the end of the month.






Kyle Johnson Photography