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The Devold Winter Shop

Nov - Dec 2019

Words: Alisa Furoyama
devold sweaters wide mountain



This holiday season, we are debuting the Devold Winter Shop in-store that will feature knits from one of Norway's oldest producers alongside some of our favorite Westerlind selects. There's a saying that we heard in Norway: "There isn't bad weather, just bad clothes." Living in the Pacific Northwest, this really resonated with us. We brave the seasons and with the right gear, we are prepared to go outside in every type of weather. Items in our pop-up shop with Devold will keep you warm throughout this winter and for years to come.


For more than 160 years, Devold has developed wool products designed to excel in even the most demanding conditions because they're crafted from excellent materials with an intense focus on quality. Their collection is designed for rough wear and frequent use and can transition from outdoor adventures to casual wear in the city effortlessly.

devold sweater flat lay

Devold Originals are warm and traditional wool sweaters made from 100% pure new wool from Norwegian sheep. These sweaters were originally made for fishermen and other workers in the harsh climate along the Norwegian coast.

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Saturday, November 23

Glasswing Shop
1525 Melrose Ave
Seattle, WA 98122