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Introducing Zii Ropa

With Chelsea Braun & Hannah Eberts
July 2022
Photography: Marissa Alves

New to our assortment this summer is the Zii Ropa Collection from Mexico City. The silhouettes are timeless and simple. The pieces are well made featuring all natural, textural fabrics. Zii Ropa was founded in 2015 by Vancouver designer, Bridget Tidey. Her collection is inspired by her travels and years spent living in Baja, Mexico. Zii Ropa styles have utility in mind but always with a wash of femininity. The design process is fabric-focused, always using the finest natural textiles and dyes. The color palette is classic, inspired by nature's muted tones found in the landscapes and textures in Mexico.

Pieces from the Zii Ropa collection are featured here on our two friends, Chelsea Braun and Hannah Eberts, ceramic artists who share a studio together nearby Seward Park, here in Seattle. Visit them at the upcoming Georgetown Flea Market on Saturday, August 6.

C Naomi Ceramics



Zii ropa Jumpsuit

Inspired by the rich colors and textures of the claybodies themselves, Chelsea Braun creates playful and practical ceramics. C Naomi Ceramics is just a few years old and already has a very distinct style and design, the forms are organic with shapes reminiscent of land formations, human forms, or even creatures of the sea.


Zii ropa mara top

Peche Fuzz Ceramics

Hannah Eberts comes from a background in weaving and textile arts that a few years ago transitioned into ceramics. She loved how messy the practice was compared to the slow and meditative act of weaving. Her approach to ceramics centers around making pieces that people can use every day, objects that don't necessarily feel precious: bowls, plates, and mugs. She recently started working more on hand-building vases, each with perfectly, imperfect design and form. 


Zii ropa Julie dress




Zii Ropa Ley Dress


zii ropa wey jumpsuit



Zii Ropa Mason Coat


zii ropa aku top