Cosmo Doula Care

May 2022

Photography by
Marissa Alves

Our multifaceted floral designer, Jess Gring, founded Cosmo Doula Care in 2020 with a broad but singular mission of wanting to create a safe, caring space to support and foster a positive a child-birthing experience. In the broad sense, she offers a full-spectrum doula service which means creating care in all areas: Prenatal to birth to postpartum, miscarriage, pregnancy loss, IVF processes, and even abortion.

“If anyone is having any kind of pregnancy experience, I’m here to support them through that.”

Though each journey can be wildly different from the next, Jess' practice has the same deeply respectful, earth-guided approach that is centered around meeting her clients exactly where they are and collaborating on a unique roadmap together.


It takes a village to raise a child and a doula can be one of many supportive allies on a birthing team, specializing in emotional and informational support rather than direct medical care. For Jess, the calling to become a doula came through witnessing hard birth experiences of people in her community, close friends and family. Through this, she felt impassioned to be able to offer her support to change the narrative.

“Everyone should have a doula. Everyone deserves to have a doula and I understand that there’s a lot of privilege around being able to do that. (I’m in community with doulas who are working to get our services covered by Medicaid.) If you look at the statistics you will have a less traumatic, often times shorter, and much safer birth experience when you have a doula by your side. It’s an overwhelming experience and the support that we can provide can make all the difference.”

In celebrating Mother’s Day on Sunday, we asked Jess from a Doula’s perspective, what would a thoughtful or meaningful Mother’s Day gift look like:

“Acts of service would be the best gift you can give, especially to a new mom... something that would not require them to do anything at all. You could ask them, ‘What do you need right now? Do you want me to come over and make you dinner? Do you want to go for a walk? Can I come over with fancy bath salts and run you a bath?’ These are small but meaningful acts of service to celebrate someone who’s constantly doing the most.”


Through Cosmo Doula Care, Jess has found a long list of what keeps it feeling rewarding. We asked her what her favorite moments have been in her practice:

“One is having a baby fall asleep on me. It's the best feeling the whole world. There’s nothing better than having a baby fall asleep on you. The second is at births, the moment that you get to see a family meet each other face to face, when you get to see the parent(s) fall in love with their baby there’s nothing more beautiful. No matter the outcome, I’ve seen it in still-births as well. It’s earth-shattering, the amount of beauty that is witness in that moment. There’s nothing like it.”

Please visit to learn more about Jess and her Doula practice.