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Evan Kinori

Fall Editions 2023
Featuring Chris Sims
Photography: Brandon Scott Herrell
Videography: Matthew Macy
Music: Bradley Pooler


Subtle prints and unique texture differentiate this collection from previous Evan Kinori editions. Original hues like the dusty, dark taupe of the textured corduroy pair with deep brown knits and the very special charcoal Fox Tweed Check from the legendary British woolen mill, Fox Brothers - founded in 1772 in Somerset, England. All of the shapes and silhouettes are back with more overshirt layers to keep warm this winter with two new styles debuting this season: The Two Pleat Pant and the Big Coat. Both cuts are a nod to traditional, classic menswear styles with clean lines and a straightforward design. Featured here on our good friend Chris Sims in our fall transit series. Shop the full collection online or in-store today.