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Denim and Corduroy from Japan

orSlow FW20 Collection
Photography: Brandon Scott Herrell



An Exploration of the History of American Clothes


Designer Ichiro Nakatsu technically founded his denim label orSlow in 2005, but the company's roots extend backward through Nakatsu's childhood. orSlow was born of a lifelong obsession with the character of worn fabrics. The way textiles wear and transform over time, and the intersection of clothing with work and life - These are the concepts at the center of the orSlow collection.


The truly global heritage of denim, and its surprising history...


Whether you're talking about Martin Sheen's famous jeans in 'Badlands', the hard-wearing dungarees of ranch hands, or the slim fit five pocket denim in almost every contemporary closet - The origin of denim is actually French. Denim is short for 'de Nimes' - as in "From Nimes", the French prefecture where the fabric was born to clothe the workers of the 19th century.


The textile became a staple of American workwear and westernwear, which is where Ichiro Nakatsu comes in. His lifelong relationship with the fabric has driven the orSlow collection to explore eras throughout American history, and across genres. Military, sportswear, and workwear combine under Nakatsu's control. The result is an apparel collection that resonates with an ageless quality. These pieces are at home any year between 1950 and today.