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orSlow Denim Styles

Words: Brandon Scott Herrell

Brandon goes over our orSlow denim collection, style by style and showcases the differences in wash, fabric and finish. This video shows the fit on-body for the orSlow 105 Standard Denim vs the 107 Slim-Fit Jeans, our two most popular styles. orSlow's designer Ichiro Nakasu has been collecting and obsessing over vintage military and workwear since childhood. As a result, orSlow's collection rings with familiarity. From time-tested five pocket denim to 50's workwear jackets cut from contemporary synthetic fabrics, orSlow has a foot each in the past and the future. Made in Japan.



orSlow values the warmth created by hand-sewn pieces and aims to create high quality products that pay attention to every detail. They subscribe to slow-fashion.

Here the term “slowly” means:

- Crafting original clothes carefully.
- Creating clothes that are adaptable to different styles of different times.
- Presenting the antithesis of a fast-moving modern society and fashion industry and slowing it down.


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