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Team Inspiration: At Home with Brandon

Words: Brandon Scott Herrell

Sharing inspiration has always been at the center of what we're about. That's why this week, we wanted to take a step back from sales-specific messaging and hopefully provide a little breathing room for your inbox.  Our social media and photo guy, Brandon Scott Herrell, shares some books, music, and even a recipe... kinda!


Hi! Brandon here. You're probably used to seeing my mug in our videos. I'm not gonna try to teach you how to make coffee today (thankfully); I'm just offering some of the things I've been into recently.  We'll start with some of the literature I'm digging currently.”


Slouching Toward Bethlehem

By Joan Didion

This is a really nice collection of essays from the 60's by this oft-overlooked writer from the later days of the beatnik movement. She writes incisively and wittily about the characters in the 60's San Francisco scene, like the Grateful Dead and their cohort of acid tripping civil rights activists. One of my favorite things about her writing through these moments is how she always seems to position herself as an outsider: A pure journalist. 



High Weirdness

By Erik Davis

I was supposed to attend a backcountry Zen meditation pilgrimage in Big Sur with my friends from Wildtender in July. I'd be partly photographing the trip to accompany a story by Davis. My roommate had no idea of this fact when he gifted me this book for my birthday in March. Cosmic coincidence? I'm just cracking into it, but Davis writes in a way that's totally revelatory and expansive while still being super approachable.




This is gonna sound weird, but…


I've kinda recently rediscovered the PB&J, and... wow. You ever forget to eat something for like a decade and then get heavy into it again?



Couple things here -
✔ Crunchy peanut butter, always.
✔ Jam, always.
✔ Not jelly, not preserves. Jam.


I made a playlist for y'all.



It's ten of the songs I've been playing nonstop. They all share pretty much one trait, which is that they're slow but not boring. I've been riding my bike a ton, and somehow this atmospheric, synthy weirdo music really helps me get out of my head and into my body.