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Obstruction Point, WA

by Forest Eckley | November 04, 2014

Just before arriving at the Hurricane Ridge visitors center there's a seldom taken 8.5 mile dirt road that leads to the highest stretch of maintained trail in the Olympic Mountains. The landscape is wonderful and it's one of our favorite destinations on the North Coast of the Olympic Peninsula. In the winter time the trail bends east through open tundra with ever-expanding views of the southern peaks and valleys of the Olympics. In the summertime, the trails open back up and you can camp by turquoise lakes, lounge in alpine meadows, gape at ancient rainforests, and scramble up to snow-capped peaks, all in one day. No matter what the season is, it feels good to be out here.
Photographs by Travis Gillett


  • If you're looking for a dayhike along the ridgeline, the 2.6 mile crest is an ideal place to turnaround, as views change little but travel intensifies in both directions beyond this point.
  • Grand Lake is another great option as a 7.6 mile out-and-back or basecamp for an overnight trip. 
  • For overnight trip options call the Wilderness Information Center (WIC) in Port Angeles: (360) 565-3100. They limit the number of people who can camp out here, so it's essential that you make reservations with them in advance. 

Driving Directions

From Port Angeles leave US 101 near milepost 249, following Race Street south 1.2 miles to Hurricane Ridge Road (Heart o' the Hills Parkway) and passing the Olympic National Park Visitors Center and Wilderness Information Center. In the summer, drive 17.5 miles to the Hurricane Ridge Visitors Center. Turn left down the dirt road immediately before the parking lot for the visitors center and continue another 8.5 miles to the trailhead. 

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