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Frankie & Jo’s, an exciting plant-based ice cream shop, threw open it’s doors to the Capitol Hill neighborhood in winter of 2016. Kari Brunson and Autumn Martin, the creative minds behind this new Seattle favorite, have been exciting tastes buds long before offering cold treats.  Kari helms Juicebox, a health-focused cafe with organic cold-pressed juices and seasonal fare. Autumn has been whipping up organic comfort desserts at her shop Hot Cakes.  Their combined passion for sustainable and nourishing food brought the concept of Frankie & Jo’s to life.

This is by no means an ordinary ice cream shop.  The 100% vegan concept is paired with an inventive and mindful approach that is rarely seen in this particular realm of food. Every morning starts with the churning of fresh, nutrient-rich coconut and nut milks. This is folded with a myriad of unique fruits, vegetables, and plants that set them apart from any other ice cream being offered. The flavors are a burst of unexpected and new, from Gingered Golden Milk, Salty Carmel Ash, to Beet Rose Strawberry Sorbet. Special attention must be paid to how incredibly photogenic this ice cream is. Whether your cone is topped with vibrant curry yellows or midnight charcoal blacks, the palm tree papered wall is specifically meant for your inevitable ice cream selfie. Inspired by the deserts of Palm Springs and actualized by Katie Hackworth, a master of interiors, Frankie and Jo’s immediately transports you to soaking in sun-rays by the pool. This neighborhood gem will satiate your sweet tooth while ushering in the new tradition of mindful ice cream.

Photography by AJ Ragasa 

 Frankie & Jo's 
1010 E Union St
Seattle, Wa 98122