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Left Bank
South Park, Seattle

Words: Brandon Scott Herrell


Left Bank is Seattle’s oldest and smallest natural wine bar and bottle shop, tucked down in South Park (and well worth the trip). Founded in 2017 by Campbell Scarborough, his space is intimate, with a max capacity of 22. The walls are lined with bottles, (mostly French, Italian, and a few Domestics), vinyl, and ephemera from the Campbell’s own life. A photo of the Beatles hides behind a magnum of Pet Nat. A piece of construction paper behind the bar reads in a scrawl: “Peace in South Park”. The neighborhood is indeed an important part of what Left Bank does. Keeping the bottles at an affordable price is a priority, and Campbell always keeps a $3 ‘Cheap Beer’ on hand, so nobody has to feel like they’re in the wrong place for a casual drink. 

wine bar header
wine wall portrait

Most evenings, if you popped into Left Bank, you’d find Campbell behind the bar, and a dozen or so guests - A healthy mix of wine enthusiasts and neighborhood locals. Everyone’s invited to bring in food from any of the neighborhood spots, so it’s not uncommon to spot a tavern burger from the infamous Loretta’s, or a few slices from South Town Pies. Periodically, one of Left Bank’s wine club customers will pop in to pick up their subscription, or someone will stop by to pick up a bottle on their way home  - Usually b-lining for Campbell’s “Captain’s Shelf” where he keeps a curated selection of his favorites. 


Between the bar and bottle shop in South Park, the wine club subscription, and Left Bank’s Monday evening popup on Capitol Hill at Juicebox (another favorite of ours); there’s no shortage of avenues to get in on Campbell’s unique point of view in Seattle’s growing natural wine scene. Stop by on Tuesday night for Vinyl Wino and bring your favorite record to put on in the shop. Stop by on any night, actually.

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Left Bank
8526 14th Ave S
Seattle, WA 98108