Hardy Houseplants

Greenhouse 101
Tassy De Give

We are often asked, "What are the hardest to kill houseplants?" We put together this short video to highlight our Top Five Hardy Houseplants. Our plant director, Tassy de Give, goes over why these five plants are our favorite to suggest for plant-care beginners, avid travelers, people with busy lifestyles, or for tricky office spaces. 


Hardy means that these plants fit into one of the following criteria, if not more than one. Hardy plants can be grown in a range of different light requirements. They are not fussy about placement. This is especially helpful for low-light corners or areas with variable light patterns. The second quality we're looking for in these low maintenance plants is their ability to deal well with a bit of neglect, to have some drought tolerance. This means that the pants have their own unique way of saving water in their roots, requiring less attention. These options are great for people with busy lifestyles. The final criteria is the plant's ability to be vocal. These plants will tell you when they need water or if they need more light; which is very helpful information if you are just starting out with your first houseplant.


This video is apart of the Glasswing Greenhouse Plant 101's, a series of instructional need-to-knows for plant care beginners and first time plant owners.


Snake Plant


Hoya kerrii, Heart Plant

Top Five Hardy Houseplants

🌿 Snake Plant "Dracaena trifasciata"

🌿 ZZ Plant "Zamioculcas zamiifolia"

🌿 Peace Lily "Spathiphyllum wallisii"

🌿 Silver Pothos "Scindapsus pictus"

🌿 Wax Plant "Hoya carnosa"


ZZ Zenzi


Hoya shepherdii, String Bean Plant


Hoya obovata, Round Leaf