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How To Repot Your Plant

Greenhouse How-To Video Series
Tassy De Give

Spring and summer are the most ideal times of year to repot indoor houseplants, setting them up for the most success in the growing season ahead. All houseplants have slightly different requirements for soil and drainage. We recommend using an all-purpose organic potting soil for most foliage plants and a rougher, grittier cactus potting soil for succulents and arid desert plants.


Wether potting a new plant for the first time or repotting a more mature plant to give it more space to thrive in, the techniques are generally the same. To ensure the plant has healthy drainage, we always recommend potting into a vessel that has a drain-hole. If the decorative pot does not have a drain-hole, that's okay! In this situation we recommend potting the plant into a larger plastic grower's pot and then placing it inside of the more decorative vessel. Either system ensures that the soil of the plant isn't sitting in stagnant water.

This video is apart of the Glasswing Greenhouse Plant 101's, a series of instructional need-to-knows for plant care beginners and first time plant owners.

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